String Ensemble

Are there any classier ways and, at the same time, as sober and grand, than to have a String Ensemble playing during the reception for your guests?
If there are, they will be few, for the profound sound atmosphere they provide, be it by a solo violin, or by a string duet, trio or quartet, is absolutely unique!

Don’t think that a String Ensemble will be limited to only playing the erudite masters, such as, among others, the baroque of Johaan Sebastian Bach, Geroge Frideric Haendel and Antonio Vivaldi, the classical of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Franz Schubert and Ludwick van Beethoven. They will also play them, but, if you prefer, they can focus on a more modern repertoire, adapted to the chosen ensemble type, with hits from Beatles to Aerosmith, from Muse to Pink Floyd, from Coldplay to Metallica – and much more!

Should you opt for a trio or quartet, it can also be composed of two or three instruments and a voice – being this option more aligned with a reception that is intended to be not only classy and glamorous, but also lyrical.

Appropriate both for outdoors, where the music is free to float in the breeze and inspire even the birds, as well as indoors, where the noble sounds of wood instruments, in harmony with each other, with you and with the room itself, may echo and enrich the hearts sensitive to your celebration.

We guarantee: hand in hand with the joy of the occasion, you will complement perfectly the emotions of such a fulfilling day with them!

The musicians we work with are accredited and professional, knowledgeable and with a vast know-how about what is most appropriate for the celebration you dream of. You can rest assured, we will take care of everything so that the chord music – both instrumental and vocal – is sublime and appreciated in its purity both by yourself and your guests.