It was during the 90’s that Karaoke arrived in Portugal and was, back then, an immediate success in entertainment venues, both of smaller and larger scale, and even on TV. Tested and proven its success, it soon became available also for home entertainment, which gained a growing number of supporters; due to the technological evolution and its accessibility. After all, being able to show your friends your performance of that known hit, that you had never had the chance to perform in public without a band or orchestra (that is indeed the origin of the word “Karaoke” in Japanese, meaning “Empty Orchestra”), is something extremely appealing – and fun! – even nowadays.

You can rest assured that opting for having Karaoke and DJ on your Wedding day celebration is a good choice.

There are moments over the course of your party day in which a transition or an intermediate mood setting is required, in between the serene conviviality of the meal time and the open joy of the dance. Karaoke is an excellent option to fill in those moments; trust PaivaSom’s professionals to help you decide, on the actual day and in accordance to how the mood is going, what the right moment is to get your guests singing!

If you want to ensure interaction among your guests alongside moments of sheer fun, we can guarantee that Karaoke is a safe bet.

You have talented voices among your guests? Help them get recognition and offer them songs to sing, from among the about 12000 we have available, and allow them to shine at the microphone!

Another advantage of Karaoke is that it allows everyone to have fun, even those who are less proficient at singing. Don’t worry about that!

After all, even renowned artists ask the audience for help to sing along at live concerts.

You can count on the adaptable, appropriate and professional DJ and Karaoke option for any type of party!