LED Dance Floor

If you want your guests to “take a dance step“, there is nothing better to motivate the right mood than to provide them with an illuminated dance floor. Forever in fashion at discos, you may now bring that very effect to the environment of your party!

LED Dance Floor setup


The dance floor is made up of LED filled blocks that can either shift rhythmically automatically according to the music being played or be controlled by a PaivaSom professional. Wondrous patterns can be formed, both static and sparkling, under your moving feet! Aligned with the effect you prefer, it can offer solemnity toa waltz or another classic dance, or appeal to a joy outburst for an intense and fun dance time – all this by controlling its pattern, intensity and rhythm. The choice is yours!


The mood of your dance


Operated by a knowledgeable professional, a LED dance floor is a choice that completely adapts to your event. It contributes immensely to the success of a party where you want everyone to have fun. Rely on our experience and know-how, on our professionalism and dedication, and settle with us all the details you require: be it for a Wedding, Birthday, Celebration, Prom Bight or Business / Corporate Event, PaivaSom will be there for you, with a solution!


Available sizes for the LED Dance Floor


The LED Dance Floor can be set up in various sizes, being that each module is 1 square meter. It can be set up as a square, a rectangle, an L shape or any other forms with its blocks. The size packs are:

  • 9m2 (3m x 3m)
  • 12m2 (4m x 3m)
  • 16m2 (4m x 4m)
  • 20m2 (5m x 4m)
  • Maximum size of 25m2 (5m x 5m)