Saxophone Player


It is nothing short of fascinating how a saxophone player can enrich your celebration day!

It was about 170 years ago that Adolphe Sax designed and built this new wind instrument, which he intended to become stronger and more adaptable than any of its kind. It was in 1929, however, that Henri Selmer took over the patents of the original Sax instrument, applied some of his own adjustments and perfected it, turning it into the Saxophone as we know it today.

Initially mostly associated with Jazz, where it found both the talent and the creative freedom it sought, the Saxophone didn’t take long though to become one of the most appreciated and recognizable wind instruments. Its timbre has an almost vocal quality to it, which contributes immensely to the magic a Saxophone player can add to any important moments in your event.

Saxophone Player for Events


Any event – be it a wedding, christening, private or business / corporate party – have those moments that should be enveloped within a touch of class and undeniable beauty. PaivaSom works together with professional Saxophone Players that are able to dress up those moments with unique magical sensations. Depending on your idea for the event, the Saxophone can take the lead and perform that special music piece that touches your heart and engrave that moment in your memory forever. It may also remain perfectly discreet and in the background, providing a pleasant environment to a reception, meal or other tranquil moments.
As always with PaivaSom, it will be custom made for you!