Miscellaneous Equipment


Here at PaivaSom we also have available an entire range of gear and equipment for individual renting or as an extra to one of our services, already hired.
A few examples can be found on this page, but our offer is not limited to them. We have partnerships with several accredited enterprises on the field and we can therefore surely find what you are looking for! Remember: your happiness is our motivation!

Playstation 4

Has it occurred to you that one of the most modern and fun ways to occupy a few schedule gaps in your Day, both for the younger and the gamer kind among your guests, would be to setup a Playstation 4 somewhere near the main room? It has already occurred to us, trying to always innovate and provide the best and most varied options. So much so, that we already have this service available for you! You can also count on a 55 inch flat screen, to ensure that many can watch the action going on!

Table Football

A Table Football setup is an excellent choice for those parties where it is expected that the interaction between your guests is close and informal. This solution will guarantee entertainment among the participants, in intense and lively derbies, classical matches and tournaments that always come up naturally over a Table Football setup, among friends. It is an option that promotes interaction in a very unique way!

Projector (with or without Canvas)

Being usually an extra to another hired service pack (such as our DJ packs for weddings, for instance), the availability of a Projector and Canvas (when necessary) is an option that allows you to share that video or photo slideshow that pay homage to the bride and groom or that bring back memories of moments between relatives and friends, on the most important day of your lives. Cables for video and audio are included, for connection to your laptop.


And, as we mentioned, our offer does not end here. Even if you do not find straight away what you are looking for in our table below, do not hesitate to contact us and ask, because you can be assured that we will do everything we can to be able to find and provide the equipment or service you require. Truss structures, Audiovisual Systems, Tents, Stages, Pulpits, as well as any other support equipment for the event you will organize. Count on us, because we do count for your celebration!

Count on us for your event, anywhere in Portugal!

DJ (Disc Jockey)

Saxophone Player

Solo Singer with Guitar



Latin Dances

Belly Dances







Portuguese Guitar

Children Entertainment

Various Mascots

Magic Show for Children


Ball Pool



Dancefloor Entertainer

Photobooth Machines


Close Up Magician

Stooge Waiter


LED balloons release


Table Football

Mechanic Bull

Projector and Canvas

Extra Sound System

Smoke Machine

Low-Cloud Machine

Soap Bubble Machine

Snow Machine



LED Dancefloor

Arquitectural Lighting

Outdoor Lighting

LED Curtains

Tents for Rent


Ice Cream Cart

Popcorn Cart

Cotton Candy Cart

Hot Dog Cart

Roasted Chestnut Cart