Illuminated Letters


Regarding the decor for the space where you will celebrate the first day of the rest of your lives in communion, there is a detail that will stand out immediately above all others, should you decide to have it present: shining and charming Illuminated Letters.
It is an elegant choice and it fits into any type of background decoration, be it indoors or outdoors.



Monika e o Luís, who were wed at Quinta das Torres em Azeitão, provided a remarkable glitter to their wedding celebration, by placing Illuminated Letters with their initials, to emphasize their new stage of life as a couple:


For themselves and for their guests, they intended to highlight the unity of themselves as a couple. A union that emerged from the love that had been likewise lit between the two.



You may, should you so wish it, also use this type of radiant decor to compose words that are significant, for yourselves and, more importantly, for you celebration; and what could there be more significant to build a life together than LOVE?

And there are many more options!




For instance, you can arrange to have a table that is made up of Illuminated Letters making up a word, where two of those letters are smaller and integrate the setting as a table that can be used for several purposes on your special day. Be it for a Civil Ceremony, or used as the meal table for the bride and groom, or even for the traditional cutting of the cake, you have your own imagination to choose from!

Have a look at these examples, with the word LovE:

So, contact us; we will answer your needs – to fulfill your dream, to materialize what you imagined. And should you need advice, we can assure you that, between PaivaSom and our partners, we will do everything to find a suitable solution that, customized for you, will meet your requirements.

Count us in to help you celebrate a plentiful and happy day!