A new trend in the most diverse types of events, the Photobooth arrived to win over even the most traditional, with its simplicity and the fun it provides, as well as due to being able to offer the possibility of keeping your favorite photographs as mementos of these good moments!


How does the PhotoBooth work?


It’s so simple! All you need is to position yourself facing the machine’s front panel, alone or accompanied by relatives, friends or colleagues, strike a pose and it’s done! You may also choose to wear some props to give it a more humorous touch.
As you find that the photo set is ready on the screen, simply interact with the touchscreen button to initiate a sequence of photos. Afterwards, you may all check the result and prepare the next pose.
When you’re done, each of you can opt to print the best photos and keep a special souvenir of your party!


We can also supply specific types of thematic props for your event, should you have a theme in mind! Count on us to customize our services to meet your requirements!

Services included with Photobooth


– Unlimited photographs during the event.
– All photos are made available for download after the event.
– Option of a customized frame to go with all your photographs.
– Varied props to wear, to guarantee the fun.

Option: Photobooth Single


– Several layouts (with 1 photo, 2 photos, 3 photos and 4 photos);
– Option to create your own template (with the date and names, for instance, or a logo);
– Access to several default layouts during the event;

Photobooth Single is available for 3 or 4 hours with unlimited photographs.
You may also have it for 5 hours, which includes, apart from the customary unlimited number of photographs, also an inscription service and the machine is set within a luminous cube.
(The inscription service i composed of an exhibitor where your guests may write a message after taking a photo and pin it there. After the event, within 48h, the photographs including the respective inscriptions are sent in digital format).

Option: Photobooth Wall


Photobooth machine available for 3 or 4 hours with unlimited number of photographs.