Lighting and Sound


Light and sound, in what regards to their positions, tones and intensities, are naturally essential factors that contribute to the success of an event. From providing comfort to motivating fun, the sound and light gear you choose, as well as the know-how of the professionals using them, should not be underestimated.



Light is essential to any party. Inconspicuous but present in the more serene moments, and striking but controlled when the time calls for fun and dance – controlling light contributes decisively to guiding your event’s mood flux, preparing each phase indirectly. Ask us and we here at PaivaSom will be able to provide for your specific event!



A quality sound system is often the differentiating factor that brings success to your event. When you dance, you want to feel enveloped by the music. When you speak on the microphone and present your ideas or speech, you want to be clearly heard and understood. When you sing in Karaoke, you want to feel that your voice belongs to that song. All of this relies immensely on the quality of the sound gear present and we at PaivaSom have everything you require, from actual equipment to valuable know-how!

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Indoor and outdoor lighting solutions

Truss structures with professional robotics

Professional sound gear

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