Artists inspired by the art of circus, such as we are able to provide, are a spectacular addition to the celebration of the most special day of your life. The professionals we work with will guarantee, through their dedication and friendliness, that fun will be present, whatever option or options you come to choose for your special occasion!


Mimes have been a part of our childhood dreamscapes since long ago. Both in circus and street performances, these silent artists will mirror our emotions not through words, but gestures, postures, facial expressions. Since they are complete artists, you can also count on a juggling performance and, for the younger among your guests, also an always amusing balloon shaping!

Nobody will remain indifferent to the expression of an art whose roots go back to the primordial times of our History!


Another captivating option that is always fun for your event is the inclusion of an artist performing on stilts. During your reception, they can entertain your guests, regardless of age, with their interaction from such heights, in such an important and special occasion for you! They always provide incredible opportunities for photographs with your guests and also for fun, with juggling being performed from the height of those long legs! Unmissable!

Fire Breather

When the night comes with its star covered sky, you can illuminate the evening of a day already so rich in emotion with a Fire Breathing show, spectacularly performed, for instance right after Cutting the Cake. From the chain performance, to the fire staff and the flaming juggling to the fire breathing, this is an absolutely unique and amazing performance to include!

Close Up Magician

Whenever we are witnessing an illusionist performing, we are always convinced that we are able to find out how the trick is performed, isn’t it? Well, with this Magic performance, right there, close up in front of you, you will get new chances to try to decipher the illusion… but can you? Our Magicians will distribute awe and smiles among your guests of all ages!

Glow Dance

The finesse of the light dancing in the dark provides moments of true magic and sensory delight. Gift yourself and your guests the pleasure of witnessing the grace in such movement over music, drawn by sensuous light, whirling and prancing in the mastery of an experienced and talented dancer.