Smoke/Fog Machines


Smoke effects applied appropriately, working together with the colorful party lighting, will offer an impressive and mysterious atmosphere to your dance floor.

Lighting is already an important aspect for the dance mood in your event, so to add to it smoke or fog effects, grants it something transcendent. Whether it is dispersion fog, low cloud or even pots of colored smoke distributed among your guests, the spectrum of obtainable sensations are innumerable.

Take a look, for example, at how one of our Saxophone Players shines on the low cloud effect over a LED Dance Floor.

All of this always perfectly attuned to mix together with our incredible Dance Floor Entertainment! Coreos done together, submerged in light and smoke of many colors will bring moments of unforgettable mystique – and unique photo opportunities!

Also, there are moments when this is not enough. You want to highlight the jubilation over that particular dance or emphasize a singular moment during your celebration? The Pots of Smoke are a fantastic choice for that, as they can diffuse smoke in colors of your choice!

  • – White
  • – Navy Blue
  • – Cyan
  • – Green
  • – Orange
  • – Yellow
  • – Red
  • – Bordeaux
  • – Pink
  • – Purple
  • – Black

In summary, smoke/fog machines and pots of smoke are a versatile and varied solution, perfectly adaptable to your celebration – and they also always go well together with many other services, such as Lighting, Led Dance Floor and Dance Floor Entertainment!

Do not hesitate to contact us, for we will have what you require!