Live Music

Live Music at your wedding? Unforgettable!


Your wedding is the most special of days, perhaps even of your whole lives, and, therefore, you should consider every option to include in your celebration. Among them we now present Live Music.

We are aware, here at PaivaSom, of how difficult it is to find quality musicians for your wedding, given that they will have to have the necessary artistic versatility to play the songs and genres you consider fitter for your party. Due to that, we used our experience over the years to be able to offer you the services of great artists, that will add that feeling of a live concert to your celebration.


Choosing the appropriate Band or Artist


Having live music at your wedding makes it infinitely more elegant.

It awakens the senses, as the enveloping sound, the light movements and the musicians performance on stage, adapt to the moment of your mood and jolts your body into rhythm. Whether it is a full band, or simply a solo guitar singer, charm and quality will be assured!

Uma banda ou artista ao vivo de qualidade tem a flexibilidade para interpretar quase todos os géneros que quiser ouvir. Desde o rock indie, ao rock clássico, do motown, ao new wave, do punk, ao folk, do grunge, ao pop, do soul, ao hip-hop até. Esta é a importância do repertório nas bandas que seleccionamos, tendo sempre em consideração aqueles temas que adoraria que marcassem presença no seu dia – podem sempre ser acrescentados, dentro das possibilidades do conjunto.


New trends for Weddings


A few decades ago, live music was considered a nearly mandatory tradition for a wedding party. With technological development, came the figure of the DJ to take over that spotlight. However, there is a new generation of musicians that are shuffling it again, by bringing back the tradition of live bands, but now thoroughly adapted to the modern wedding setting.

Imagine your first dance as a couple, on the first day of the rest of your lives, swaying at the embracing sound of that your song played live. Incredible!


DJ and a Band?


Yes, it works well! For example, at Solange and Renato’s wedding we coupled a DJ with Joe Prado’s band. The first dance was reserved for the DJ, given that the couple wanted a specific performance of that song, being followed right after by Joe Prado’s band, who galvanized the dance mood for over 3 hours!
It is possible to switch between DJ and live band performance, continuously, to provide a spectacular atmosphere!

A magical and memorable event

Live music can generate moments that will be remembered and treasured forever. It is a powerful way to bring up emotions and feelings that transform any wedding celebration or reception into a magical and memorable event.

Trust us: we will find the right musicians for the type of party you intend to have!