Invented by Bartolomeo Cristofori, the piano is an instrument that evolved from principles started by its predecessor, the harpsichord.

Allowing for a controlled fluctuation of volume and intensity at each note played, the piano became, for that very reason, one of the most versatile musical instruments. It is truly impressive its capacity to share emotion through those variations, offering them intent, which makes it have a special and prominent place within our culture. In the modern world, new electronic versions of it are able to emulate its musical essence, with much less logistical space required.

Whichever the type of piano one looks at, it is truly a favorite among composers and maestros, given that it is capable of reaching a wide range of notes and also simulate several voices of a piece at the same time, from the softer to the most imposing.

Piano at your event


Whether it is aimed at enveloping the meal time within a pleasant repertoire, be it classical or more modern, or whether it is to highlight and elevate key moments that you wish to engrave in your memory, the piano is an option that is capable of pleasing both the more traditional of ears, as well as the most contemporary. It is classy; and appropriate for any type of event, such is its versatility under the hands of a good performer.

From among the several aspects that PaivaSom has always invested in, the careful selection of the professionals we make available for our events is a pivotal one. We work with a versatile and experienced pianist, that has a long career as a performer. You can count on his deep understanding of music and his experience to submerge your guests in moments of pure emotion – always customized for you!