Children Entertainment


An event where children will be present should be organized to take them into account, so that both the children themselves and their parents can fully enjoy it. So, provide them: fun for ones and peace of mind for the others.

Through our vast experience, we realized that even though an event is mainly conceived to entertain adult guests, it can and should also be designed in order to include room to accommodate the little ones, so that they can express their energy, creativity and imagination. You can avoid that the boredom natural to their age is noticed in your event – we at PaivaSom can always come up with a solution that fits your needs!

Professional and funny children entertainers, dressed up as dolls or clowns, will release the little one’s imagination; as they paint creative images on their adorable faces, apply lovely temporary tattoos using glitter, give shape to animals and objects using inflated balloons, perform magic tricks, hop with them on an inflatable castle or a ball pool, and organize fun games with lots of music!

You can also trust the professionals we provide should you require a babysitting room in your event. They can always find new, creative and safe ways to keep the infants entertained, so that their parents can better enjoy the day you conceived for them, without them having to constantly be alert for their natural energy!

Available packs:


  1. Without Inflatable (1 professional) for 3h
  2. Without Inflatable (2 professionals) for 3h
  3. Without Inflatable (2 professionals) for 6h
  4. With Inflatable (1 professional) for 3h
  5. With Inflatable (2 professionals) for 3h

Panda Mascot

Motivating the naturally expressing imagination and creativity of children, a Panda Mascot at a party will bring up the mood even more among them, with the games he brings, the songs and dances – and surely will also bring a special glow of fun to their eyes!