Soap Bubbles

Made of a very thin layer of soap and water, spherical in shape and iridescent under light, Soap Bubbles are perceived as floating magic by our eyes. They float at the whims of the breeze for the few seconds they last before dissolving by themselves or popping in contact with something or someone. If one moves softly, one can at times hold a bubble on the palm of one’s hand, in order to, closely, observe the fascinating chromatic effects of its very own dancing rainbow!

Machines that produce these soap bubbles are growingly in use in children entertainment events, however, its usage in artistic shows of various kinds reveals that they are also enthralling for grown ups. An excellent example of that comes from West Ham United, a traditional sporting club in London, that frequently uses soap bubble machines, while singing the club’s long adopted anthem “I’m forever blowing bubbles”.

We at PaivaSom make use of top equipment to produce an effect as spectacular as this one for your event.
Soap bubbles are not just for children!



The charm of soap bubbles in Weddings


The tradition of showering rice over the recently married as they exit the ceremony, does not remain as the sole tradition for that moment. More and more, soap bubbles are becoming an innovative way of offering that touch of charm to one of the most important moments of the day you always dreamed of!