Disc Jockey

The most essential for the success of your party, wedding or any other type of event that you organize is, undoubtedly, the DJ – the mood, the atmosphere and key-moments have their own flux that should be driven by a careful musical selection, in alignment with the pre-requisites you defined for that day.

It is not hard to find a DJ service nowadays. The offers are plenty and widespread. To find the best DJ’s in the field, however, completely focused on the purpose of your wedding, private celebration or a business or corporate event, is only easier now that you have found us here at PaivaSom!

We have several options to customize the DJ service to meet your needs.

A careful selection of the right music for your event is merely the starting point of our DJ service. We organize games, small contests, and karaoke with your guests and provide various props too; anything necessary to ensure yours and your guest’s satisfaction.

We are knowledgeable of the intrinsic particularities of each type of event and we are able to respond to each unique moment of your party. So, we arrange everything with you and we adjust every detail beforehand as much as possible, so that everything goes as you prefer on the actual day.

We guarantee that each performance is personalized for you and your requirements for whichever type of celebration, party or event. We have accumulated an extensive experience in the field and we have never laxed in learning new ideas and concepts, nor have we avoided using new technologies and new ways to use them. We will settle down with you the musical styles you prefer, as well as the songs and specific themes you prefer for your key-moments!

As wedding specialists, we intend, above all, to ensure that both your day and your evening are memorable for all the best reasons! More than just music, our DJ’s are there with you to help keep your event in motion! All this so that your guest’s experience (as well as yours!) is as unforgettable and pleasant as possible!

Count on us, on our professionalism and experience, and, of course, on our quality gear!

We are here for you!