Sparkles and Gerbs

A photograph, the memory of a Moment, solidifies for life that which came, stirred and passed, but that we wished had remained. If you want unforgettable moments during your event, do not underestimate the charming beauty of simpler or more complex pyrotechnic effects, such as the sparkles and gerbs that we at PaivaSom make available for you.



A sparkle is made up of a thin stick, covered in a special material with no gunpowder, that when lit produces a glittering effect much similar to that of a star. It is possible to obtain them in various colours, from the more common to even golden or silvery. They release no smoke or scent and are, therefore, commonly used indoors.

When we light up a sparkle, we are aware that its charm, albeit intense, will be passing. However, it is that passing quality that offers it an even greater degree of magic. A sparkle lit up by the joy of each of your guests will form, all together, a true constellation that, when captured in your memory of these images, will be living still, any time you wish to remember!

«Fruitful Light, Love resurrects.»

– Victor Hugo

Gerbs or Fire Fountains


A gerb or fire fountain is a type of trapped fire, without gunpowder, that lasts approximately 30 seconds and generates a fountain of bright sparks, that can also be used indoors in certain circumstances, like with the Cold Fire Fountain machines.

A popular choice for Weddings or Anniversary celebrations and also appropriate to highlight any particular success that deserves to be celebrated, these light geysers will bring their witnesses to another reality; one where the joy of that instant remains timelessly. Moments to be remembered with that glittering light that already inhabits each of us!