Waterfall Fireworks

On your wedding day celebration, one of the most important moments is the blessing of the forthcoming union and happiness for the couple, through the traditional cutting of the cake, together.
It is at that instant that the guests witness one of your first acts together, as a married couple – through an offering, not merely of a slice of cake, but of a moment to be truly perpetuated.

Yet, the moment of consecration as a couple does not require any specific tradition; you can define any other moment together that may have, as a backdrop, the radiant and charming effect produced by Waterfall Fireworks!

«There are moments, you reach moments, and time comes to a sudden stop, and it will become eternal.» -
Fiodor Dostoievski

It is precisely to provide that eternity to your moment, be it the traditional cake cutting together or any other highlight you plan to have for your day, that we provide various options of Waterfall Fireworks, according to your intention and needs.

You may opt for hot Waterfall Fireworks, for outdoors, either 5 or 10 meters wide, depending on the emphasis you want to apply and also depending on the available room you may have; or you may choose cold Waterfall Fireworks, suitable for indoors, and with the only option being 5 meters wide.

Whatever you choose, we guarantee not only quality, but that the moment will remain etched in memory spectacularly, as you’ve always dreamed! At PaivaSom, our passion is your happiness, it is to help make real what you dreamed for your event and party. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact us, for we will clear up any of your doubts and will present our best offers – for you!