Historically more associated with newspaper and magazine humorous pages, the caricature (from the Italian “caricare”, meaning exaggerating) as always intended to make the contours of a public figure’s face identifiable through that exaggeration: be it of the most evident face elements, as, for instance, a prominent chin or a pointy nose, be it also through the depiction of habits associated with the person, such as a pipe always held between the teeth or a peculiar body posture.

The result is always surprising and amusing, especially for the model that was drawn, for not always do we notice our own features or habits that most define our image to others. We get, with a caricaturist, an opportunity to laugh at ourselves by the means of a drawing that will show an exaggerated version of our bearing. It is an amazing feeling that should be experienced!

As it is also a work of art, hand-drawn completely in the moment, it also becomes a special souvenir that may be placed on a special frame at home.


Rui Foles Caricaturist