Wedding Planning: Celebrants


As a product of our continuous innovation, through which we always intend to widen our array of offered services at your disposal, we concluded a partnership with Diamonds, Weddings & Events to be able to present you with new and different ways of celebrating the union of your Love, with a complete and customized Celebrants service.

TV Show “Casados á Primeira Vista”, SIC

A civil or religious ceremony implies certain protocol parameters that are mandatory by law. A Celebrants service intends to do away with these limitations, attributing to the bride and groom complete freedom to imagine and idealize the moment when the “Yes” is spoken. Being a ceremony without any legal value, the couple may opt to deal with the formalities either before or after the chosen day for the personalized celebration.

Any idea is allowed! Get married in the setting that touches you the most, with the decor you imagined, the music you dreamed for each moment with the quality assurance of PaivaSom. Overall, you are free to completely create your own magical day!


The Celebrants service includes:


  • A initial meeting (through Skype, telephone or personally) with the purpose of getting acquainted and understanding the structure and type of the imagined Ceremony;
  • Providing example texts that will help with composing the final format of the speeches to be used in the Ceremony;
  • An additional meeting to validate all the details;
  • Assistance in selecting the decor and environment, if necessary;
  • Help with translating the texts from and to French, Portuguese and English
  • Wedding Certificate (that will be symbolical, given it will always require an official wedding through legal formalities, within the defined protocols)

This all said, contact us; together with our partners we will answer your needs – to fulfill your dream, to materialize what you have imagined. Nothing will be left to chance, so that the special day turns out exactly what you have always wished for!